The Alpha Flat Coil Range

System information

Alpha Flat Coil offers a specifically formulated, special coated finish. The flat coils boast exceptional head movement, enabling precise manoeuvrability. This range of coils comes in two sizes: 40-70mm, meaning they are suitable for both small and large projects.


*The Alpha Flat Coil Range has a European CE Marking

Compatibility 200², BiStim², Rapid² range
Coil D50 Alpha  (Coated) D50 Alpha  (Coated) D50 Alpha  (Coated) D50 Alpha  (Coated)
Average Inductance 19µH 19µH 16µH 16µH
Outside Coil Diameter 2 x Ø76MM 2 x Ø80MM 2 x Ø80MM 2 x Ø90MM
CSA 7.5mm² 7.5mm² 7.5mm² 10.5mm²
Coil Cable Length 1.8-2m 1.8-2m 1.8-2m 1.8-2m
Approximate Weight 1.75kg 1.75kg 1.75kg 1.75kg
Peak Magnetic Field          
Magstim Rapid² >=1.44T >=1.33T >=1.13T >=1.44T >=0.92T