Magstim® BiStim²

System information

The Magstim® BiStim² combines two 200² units through a connecting module. This way paired pulses can be delivered through one coil.

Possible applications include:

  • Intracortical inhibition
  • Intracortical facilitation
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Brain connectivity
  • The ability to change pulse intervals in 0.1msec steps down to 1msec and to independently control the power level of each Magstim 200²
  • Precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning
  • Test Pulses
  • Paired Pulses
  • Monophasic
The BiStim² has an intuitive interface and provides connectivity that allows the user to control it from within bespoke software systems. Additionally, the BiStim² can deliver a single high-power pulse equal to 113% of a single Magstim 200². The user can also connect two individual coils for interhemispheric stimulation.