Alpha B.I. coil range

System information

The Alpha B.I. coil range is an excellent instrumentation tool, providing a variety of sizes (40-70mm). These coils enable users to investigate cortical interactions and the timing of information transmission by stimulating two centres of the brain simultaneously. Additionally, this product features an ergonomic design that ensures user comfort when positioning the coil for longer periods.

Compatibility 200², BiStim², Rapid² family
Coil D40 Alpha B.I. (Coated) D50 Alpha B.I. (Coated) D50 Alpha B.I. (Coated) D70 Alpha B.I. (Coated)
Average Inductance 18µH 18µH 15µH 17µH
Outside Coil Diameter 2 x Ø72MM 2 x Ø75MM 2 x Ø76MM 2 x Ø92MM
CSA 7.5mm² 7.5mm² 7.5mm² 10.5mm²
Coil Cable Length 1.8-2m 1.8-2m 1.8-2m 1.8-2m
Approximate Weight 1.69kg  1.68kg  1.64kg  1.84kg
Approximate Weight Magstim 200² >=2.39T >=2.3T >=2.1T >=1.52T
Magstim Rapid² >=1.44T >=1.33T >=1.13T >=0.96T