Magstim 200²

The Magstim® 200² is a versatile and reliable stimulator that is easy to use. The device can be controlled remotely from the coil handset.

Magstim BiStim²

The Magstim® BiStim² combines two 200² units through a connecting module. This way paired pulses can be delivered through one coil.

Magstim Rapid²

The Rapid² is ideal for a wide variety of research fields, as well as therapeutic applications. In addition, the Magstim Rapid2 can also deliver single pulses.

Magstim Super Rapid

The Super Rapid is ideal for a wide variety of research fields, as well as therapeutic applications with a variety of stimulation coils.

Magstim Super Rapid Plus

The Super Rapid² is ideal for researchers studying TMS effects in Cognitive neuroscience, Psychiatry, Neurophysiology and Rehabilitation.

Magstim Horizon (lite)

Intuitive, simple to operate and cost-effective; the Horizon® Lite package offers a perfect entry-level TMS system to set up your TMS clinic today.


90mm Coil

This 90mm coil was fashioned with a single, circular winding that allows for it to be used in either direction based on current requirements.

90mm Remote coil

This precision coil has a single, 90mm, round winding for versatile use. Its integrated controls  give direct access to arming, triggering and disarming.

AirFilm Coil (AFC) – rapid version

The AirFilm® Coil has a self-contained air cooling system and is designed for sustained pulse delivery at high power.

Alpha B.I. coil range

The Alpha B.I. coil range is an excellent instrumentation tool, providing a variety of sizes (40-70mm).

Alpha Flat Coil range

Alpha Flat Coil offers a specifically formulated, special coated finish. The flat coils boast exceptional head movement, enabling precise manoeuvrability.

D70 Alpha flat coil (uncoated)

This double 70mm winding offers exceptional focality, making it a key opinion leader in neuroscientific studies.

D70 Remote coil

This specialized coil features a double, 70mm winding that enables a comprehensive magnetic field to produce exact stimulation.

D70² coil

The latest D70² coil features improved performance, generating up to 25% more stimulation power* and enabling 85% more Total Stimulation Power (at 50% power at 1Hz).

Double cone coil

The Double Cone Coil offers superior magnetic induction capabilities compared to the 90mm circular coil, inducing 70% more current in the central fissure.


NeuroStim Cap

Made from a stretchy, breathable fabric, our headcaps offer unmatched comfort and hygiene during TMS session.