The Double Cone Coil (DCC)

System information

The Double Cone Coil offers superior magnetic induction capabilities compared to the 90mm circular coil, inducing 70% more current in the central fissure. This advanced coil is designed with two large cup-shaped windings set side by side, and its unique geometry allows it to be positioned tightly against a patient’s head. The Double Cone Coil is particularly useful when targeting muscle-controlling areas of the motor cortex found in the lower torso and limbs.

*The Double Cone Coil has a European CE Marking

Compatibility 200², Rapid² family
Average Inductance 16.7µH
Average Coil Diameter 2xØ126mm
Coil Cable Length 2m
Peak Magnetic Field Magstim 200² >=1.2T
Magstim Rapid² >=0.7T