Magstim Horizon (lite)

System information

The Horizon® Lite package is a user-friendly and cost-effective entry-level TMS system, ideal for those looking to set up a TMS clinic. It offers all the benefits of the Horizon® stimulator in a competitively-priced package.

The Horizon® Lite bundle includes the Horizon® MT remote coil, Horizon® AFC, and a compact, lightweight cart, making it an ideal choice.

  • It offers a dependable and straightforward installation process, providing all the necessary tools for Magstim® TMS therapy.

  • The package comes with a basic treatment coil with self-regulating temperature control and a convenient handheld coil for motor threshold mapping. Additionally, it offers the option for footswitch control.

  • This transportable bundle is easy to set up and secure with its small footprint cart. Moreover, it features a fully motorized, comfortable treatment chair.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of TMS or you’re looking for a more affordable way to expand your practice, the Horizon® Lite package is a fantastic option. With its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality performance, it’s sure to be a valuable addition.