Neuroscan EEG systems


Neuroscan provides state of the art systems for the acquisition and analysis of EEG, ERP and EP data. The systems are designed to be integrated platforms, to allow uncompromising solutions for seamless recording and analysis of EEG data across a variety of domains. Neuroscan has developed multiple hardware and software systems that combined, build the ideal platform for a particular area of research. Because of this flexibility, the components and the platforms are not limited to any specific area of research, providing flexibility to move from recordings in one area to another, frequently and with the same hardware configuration.

Comprehensive Diagnostic and Research Solutions

Sleep, Neurodiagnostic and Research solutions for your every need

Compumedics has consistently invested over 15% of revenues on research and development to bring our clients the latest in diagnostic and research solutions. We invite you to explore our comprehensive range of solutions that will meet your needs.

Research & Development

Compumedics believes that it has remained at the forefront of the physiological data recording/diagnostics market by maintaining an active research and development program. Compumedics has a highly skilled research team and has developed significant intellectual property. These resources, together with the Medical Advisory Board allow the company to continue to develop the best diagnostic products for the medical market.

To ensure that there is a regular pipeline of new and innovative products, the Company has established a dedicated innovation group. The role of the Innovation Group is to work closely with the Medical Advisory Board and the medical and research communities in identifying future product trends, paradigm shifts in technology and health decrease trends.

Suitable for both SCIENCE and CLINICAL use.