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Allow medical professionals and researchers to choose the ideal systems and coils for each individual application.


Specifically designed to make treatment and research simple and intuitive. Reduces time due to efficient handling.


At NeuroStim, we believe that quality service and honesty should be the cornerstone of any business. 

100% reliable

While most of the systems on the market come with a pulse decay, our systems are able to guarantee 100% reliability over time.

The world’s most used TMS system around the world
by psychiatrists, researchers and clinicians.

Our products offer numerous applications including:

  • Clinical Research
  • Depression Treatment
  • Neurofeedback
  • Cognitive Studies
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Other Applications

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Working together with NeuroStim and in particular Menno Noorlander is a positive experience. From the start, the service that is provided is neat and fast. We collaborate on ideas in several areas to achieve our goals. Together with the MagstimEGI team, they enable us to adequately help our patients with good equipment and service. As a reliable and professional partner, I recommend NeuroStim in the psychiatry and neuroscience field.

Prof. Dr. Hilgo Bruining, VKC Psyche - Children and Adolescent Psychiatrist , Amsterdam UMC | Emma Kinderziekenhuis

Over the years I have had extensive interactions with Neurostim and Menno Noorlander, that have always contributed in a constructive way to the projects, leading to tailored solutions for my research needs.

Ysbrand D. van der Werf, PhD , Professor of Functional Neuroanatomy| Department Head Anatomy & Neurosciences | Amsterdam UMC | President Netherlands Sleep-Wake Research Organisation (NSWO) | President Executive committee of the Assembly of the National Sleep Societies (ANSS-ESRS)

Menno is an experienced TMS professional:  He is inspiring in discussions and always strives for satisfied customers. His openness and solution-oriented approach are highly appreciated.

Sven Arnold, Martin Bublat, Localite GmbH